Making best use of work from home to follow a passion and lead a more disciplined and content post covid life

Like with many others, with the ongoing covid pandemic and work from home, I was completely off with my work-life balance. I would sleep till late, and straight away get up to join one of the many and long office meetings. I was also not eating right and had gained a lot of weight.

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We will explore Airbnb Seattle Dataset available on Kaggle. This dataset contains information about various Airbnb listings in the Seattle area, along with prices, availability, reviews, neighbourhood etc.

In this post, we will analyse the dataset and try to answer these 3 questions

  1. What is the busiest time of the year?
  2. Price changes due to the weekend and use prices to find the peak season
  3. Analyze Seattle neighbourhoods by price and occupancy rate

Busiest Time of the year

We are provided with a calendar dataset, which has information indicating if the listing has been occupied or not. …

We had developed a feature for a game where we needed to create a room and constantly check the number of users who have joined the room.

Microservices are rapidly gaining popularity. As we continue to add brand new services, that plug into our already running system, it becomes really important to do scalability/performance testing. Below is a list of things that can go wrong and performance testing can help you identify.

  1. Identify if the database is able to scale along with the service.
  2. Identify if there is a need to add a caching layer.
  3. Identify if another service that your current service is using, is scaling properly, or is it becoming a bottleneck.
  4. If your service is taking too long to warm up, leading to poor…

In this part, we will discuss ElasticSearch top-down. Please refer to Part 1 of this series if you want to understand ElasticSearch bottom up.

This section has a prerequisite of high-level understanding of distributed systems(consistency, availability, durability etc)

  1. What is an Elastic Search cluster
  2. Shards
  3. Segments in Lucene Index
  4. The journey of an indexing request
  5. The journey of a search request
  6. Thread pools

What is an Elastic Search cluster

An Elasticsearch cluster is a group of one or more Elasticsearch nodes instances that are connected together. …

Recently we used elastic search to implement wildcard search functionality. After spending a week with this, we realized while it's easy to get started, but having a good understanding of the basics of elastic search, can help implement the solution in a much more optimized manner.

Elastic Search has multiple use cases like log analysis, visualizing and aggregating data, but this series is relevant for the “Search” use case.

We will discuss below items

  1. What is Text Search
  2. Inverted Index
  3. TF/IDF
  4. Text Analysis
  5. Mapping
  6. Data Types
  7. Query Types
  8. Substring/Wildcard search

What is Text Search

I started reading Shoe Dog, book in which Phil Knight describes how he worked day in, day out and created Nike. He described how he went to japan to start his company and the bits about Japan in the book really got me excited about Japan and last summer I did end up spending 10 days in the country.

I would try to list points why i think, Japan is the best destination for a holiday.

The People

You visit Japan and interact with Japanese people and it would be really hard to believe that they were such bada** guys back in…

We have a video player application that we developed as a weekend hobby project which does a few things like slow motion, reverse and zoom. Having done the video listing part of the application with very little emphasis on design and maintainability of the code, soon after adding new features the code became an “embarrassment”. Kept getting crashes and the only solution for those crashes we could come up with was adding a try catch :(.

Needed to make the video listing part of my application crash free, easy to maintain and extend. …

Just in case you have not read Part 1

Silk Route Market

There was this great market called silk street/route market 20 minutes from my hotel, I enjoy bargaining and thought I can buy some nice(and cheap ;) ) gifts for friends and family. I was looking to buy this cute little bouncing budda for my new car.

I landed in Peking(Beijing) in may last year. Most cities in our part of the world have their peculiar smell, Peking has a very profound one, when you land your nose tells you that you are in the right city. This was my first trip to Peking and that too solo. I was so damn nervous, also adding to my nervousness was the fact that I was unsure of the work that I had to do.

Indian Friend At the Airport

Well I am 25 and most times I act well below my age, The teams in China and India…

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